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The Antidote -- Thom's response to "The Secret"
Life Without EdA practical informative & even entertaining book about eating disorder recovery by Jenni Schaefer based on her work with Thom Rutledge.
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Dear Readers,

Of course, I hope that every one of you will buy multiple copies of all my books. I hope that you will tell everyone you know to do the same. And I hope that every one of you will personally email Oprah's people (I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as actually emailing Oprah) to let them know what a shame it would be for me not to receive Oprah's Blessing. But in the mean time, I want anyone who has come this far ---- to my web site ---- to be able to get something of value, whether or not you purchase a book.

All of the articles and excerpts below can be downloaded at no charge. Please feel free to take any or all. I hope that you will like them and share them with anyone you believe will enjoy and/or benefit.

Writers need readers, and I very much appreciate your interest in reading some of what I have written. Let me know what you think.


Thom Rutledge

The following are free downloads from Thom Rutledge. Please feel free to share them with others who might be interested and/or benefit. Please also visit Thom's E-Book Store.

Help for the Holidays
A couple of short articles to help us through the stressful holiday season. Share this one with friends, support groups and family.

Eating Disorder Recovery Articles

Leave Me Alone (An eating disorder conversation)  
A brief visit to the land of denial. Fun to read and maybe even a bit helpful.
Eating Disorders: Recovered or Recovering?  
This is Thom's response to a question being asked of him increasingly. With this article, he clarifies that there is no controversy here at all --- that this is a question being asked for its own sake, and that it can actually become a distraction to quality recovery.
Don't Blame Ed
This is one is short and to the point, but is one of Thom's most popular eating disorder articles. Specifically, this one was written to respond to criticism that Thom's methods let his clients and readers off the hook.
Eating Disorder Recovery Diagram
This is a handout Thom uses in many of his workshops. It offers a very tangible way of thinking about your recovery, including a way to identify problem areas.
Ed's Lies
This is an exercise in identifying eating disorder lies and challenges you to discover the corresponding truths.
Gifts from Ed
It is imperative that we understand that a choice to be in recovery is a choice to let go of an old friend who has been there, sometimes for many years. This is about respecting how very difficult doing that is.
Life Without Ed FAQ's
With the continuing success of Jenni Schaefer's book about recovering from her eating disorder (Life Without Ed) Jenni is spending more time speaking with clinicians about Thom's therapeutic approach to eating disorder treatment. To support Jenni in this, Thom responds to some questions frequently asked about his work, with this short handout.
Understanding Eating Disorder Recovery
Thom is well known for his innovative approach to treating eating disorders. This is a 3-part article describing some of his philosophy and methodology.

Addiction Recovery Articles

What Love Is: Reflections on the True Meaning of Love  
Originally commissioned as a gift book for a Valentines gift package, but never published. Available here for what it is worth.
The Addict's Defiance: Friend or Foe
In the treatment of addiction and eating disorders, we frequently make the mistake of thinking of denial, resistance and defiance as the arch enemies of recovery. Not so.(Written for Steps for Recovery in Los Angeles)
Case Study: Alcoholism
This is a case study that appeared in the Summer 2003 issue of The Psychotherapy Networker. It is a case description demonstrating some of Thom's unique approach to the treatment of addiction.
Certainly Not
A humorous reflection on our fear of the unknown and resistance to simplicity.
Five Stages to the First Step
This is a short description of an exercise to help people with AA's first step of recovery.
Changing the Things You Can
This one offers some practical ideas and tools for applying the Serenity Prayer to our daily lives.

Embracing Fear: Chapter One
Free sample. Download the entire first chapter from Thom's book, Embracing Fear.
The Antidote: Thom's Response to The Secret

Thom is an outspoken critic of the mega-selling dvd/book project, The Secret. His response (The Antidote) is available here and at www.thesecretantidote.com. As Thom is fond of saying, "The Secret will cost you, but The Antidote is free."
Declare Independence from Fear
One page declaration based on Thom's work with changing our relationship with fear. This is both inspirational and practical.
Communication 101
Seven (7) essential tools for healthy communication. Thom gives this brief 2-page article to all of the couples he sees in therapy.
Motivation: 5 Necessary Ingredients
Much of Thom's work focuses on motivation ---- how we get stuck and how to get unstuck. This one page handout is essentially a checklist for effective motivation.
Conversation with a Non-Believer
This has nothing to do with religion. It one of Thom's humorous pieces: a conversation with a fellow who says, "I don't believe in therapy."
Walking Kirby to Class
An excerpt from Embracing Fear. This is Thom's story of his work with an amazing woman, with cancer, during the last year of her life. This one is likely to have you both crying and laughing.
The Moon
A poem about self-compassion. Worth sharing, worth framing and giving as gift.
No Fear
This short piece hits us right where it counts. "No Fear" became the catalyst for Thom's book, Embracing Fear.
The Value of Ordinary
An excerpt from Earning Your Own Respect (now available in Thom's E-Book Store). If you have a fear of "being ordinary," definitely read this one.
Self-Respect & Your Personal Value System
An excerpt from Earning Your Own Respect. This piece sets the stage for understanding the importance of earning your own respect.
Stand Up to Your Worry
Worry is a constant psychological energy leak for many of us. This articles offers some practical advice about how to become more "energy efficient."
The Power of Awareness
Thom says that awareness is highly under rated as an agent of change. In this article, Thom covers both the mis-use and the productive use of our increasing self awareness.
What Self-Forgiveness Is
An Excerpt from The Self-Forgiveness Handbook (now available in Thom's E-Book Store). This piece sets the stage for understanding that self-forgiveness is not about letting ourselves off the hook.
Respect: Uncharted Territory in Politics
Thom has written many political commentaries, but this one is a bit different. This one is quite bipartisan, in that it calls upon all politicians to change the way they communicate with one another and with the public.
Responses to 9/11/01
Three articles written shortly after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. While the context is dated, the themes here are universal and definitely worth revisiting.
Consider Some 4-Legged Role Models
This very short piece is a celebration of what Thom has learned about the power of love from his wife and all of her critters.

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